A983252 9800L

A983252 9800L "Stretch" Rebuilt Envelope chain, 1 In Stock as of 11/21/2020

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A983252 9800L "Stretch" Rebuilt Envelope chain, ** In Stock **


This rebuilt 9800L only "Stretch" envelope chain is in stock.

Only fits the Mailcrafters 9800L Stretch Inserter, no other model.

No core required, but ....

** If you return your old 9800L Stretch chain core, you get a $49 credit back to your card or store credit whichever you prefer, if you do not return a core there is no credit **


*** If you prefer to have your envelope chain rebuilt we can do that too.  The price

is $399.  Call 410-451-0020 or email sales@allpromailingequipment.com ***